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Mental Health Practitioner

Eligible practitioners may apply for listing on the PACFA National Register as a PACFA Mental Health Practitioner. PACFA Mental Health Practitioners are Clinical Registrants whose practice includes supporting clients who are experiencing mental illness.

You can search for a PACFA Mental Health Practitioner using the Find A Therapist search function.  For more information go to the Find a Therapist page.

In PACFA’s campaign for recognition of counsellors and psychotherapists by government, it is likely that Mental Health Practitioners will be the Practitioners that PACFA will endorse as being competent to become providers of mental health services through Medicare.


Applications to be listed on the PACFA Register as a Mental Health Practitioner can be made by PACFA Clinical Registrants. Applications will be assessed by a PACFA Mental Health Panels against the eligibility criteria set out in the Mental Health Practitioner Requirements and against the PACFA Mental Health Competencies.

Download the Mental Health Practitioner Registration Requirements.

The PACFA Mental Health Competencies were developed for the purpose of assessing whether practitioners are competent to support clients who are experiencing mental illness. The competencies are grouped under the following broad headings:

  1. Rights, Responsibilities, Safety and Privacy
  2. Client and Carer Participation
  3. Awareness of Diversity
  4. Mental Health Problems and Mental Disorders
  5. Promotion and Prevention
  6. Early Detection and Intervention
  7. Assessment, Treatment, Relapse Prevention and Support
  8. Integration and Partnership
  9. Service Planning, Development and Management
  10. Documentation and Information Systems
  11. Evaluation and Research
  12. Ethical Practice and Professional Responsibilities

Download the PACFA Mental Health Competencies.

The competencies are based on the National Practice Standards for the Mental Health Workforce developed by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing (2002), which can be accessed at the Department of Health and Ageing website.


The application process is not currently completed online. Please download and complete the Mental Health Practitioner Application Form. There is a non-refundable application fee of $165 (inc. GST).

For more information go to the MHP Applications page.


Mental Health Practitioners renew their Registration with PACFA annually at the same time that they renew their Clinical Register listing.

The renewal requirements are as follows:

  • The renewal requirements for Mental Health Practitioners are included within the renewal requirements for clinical registrants, with some variations as detailed below.
  • Mental Health Practitioners will need to demonstrate that they have completed 20 hours of Professional Development within the previous 12 months. It is recommended that  at least 5 hours of the Professional Development  relates specifically to mental health practice.
  • Mental Health Practitioners will need to demonstrate that they have undertaken 15 hours of formal supervision linked to practice in the previous 12 months.  It is recommended that 5 hours of the supervision time relates specifically to mental health practice.

For more information on registration renewal, go to the Renewal Requirements page.


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