National Awards Scheme launched

PACFA has developed a new National Awards Scheme which was officially launched on 16 March.

The scheme gives students and graduates from institutions that run PACFA-accredited courses the opportunity to be recognised for their outstanding achievements.

All students undertaking courses that are accredited by PACFA are eligible to participate in the Awards Scheme. A full list of the accredited courses can be found at the PACFA website: PACFA-accredited counselling or psychotherapy programs.

PACFA’s National Awards Scheme includes two prize options:

  1. PACFA Awards for Outstanding Student Papers (two recipients)
  2. PACFA Awards for Outstanding Graduates (28 recipients)

The Outstanding Student Papers Awards are an initiative of the PACFA Research Committee.  These Awards recognise the importance of the scholarship produced by counselling and psychotherapy students. In addition to a free PACFA membership, the winners receive a $500 cash prize and the opportunity for their papers to be published in PACJA, the Psychotherapy and Counselling Journal of Australia.

Institutions that run courses that are accredited by PACFA may nominate students to be considered for the prizes for Outstanding Student Papers at undergraduate and post-graduate levels. The winners will be decided by the PACFA Research Committee.

In addition, each institution may select the winner of the Outstanding Graduate Award for a student who is graduating from a PACFA-accredited program. The prize will be a free PACFA membership for each of the winners.

The National Awards Scheme was developed following a pilot run in 2016 in Western Australia with PACFA West. Based on the experience of piloting the scheme in WA, PACFA further developed the scheme to enable it to be rolled out nationally, and allocated the necessary resources.

For full details of the National Awards Scheme, download the flyer.