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Interest Groups

PACFA Interest Groups are informal groups of members who come together to explore aspects of practice and to provide networking, learning and support opportunities.

Interest Groups are new to PACFA in 2016 and PACFA members are encouraged to start forming Interest Groups so that we can offer members a range of interesting groups relating to their shared professional interests.

Interest Groups may form around:

  • Modalities, interventions, client groups or work settings
  • Social policy issues affecting practice
  • Professional standards in areas of shared interest
To apply to form an Interest Group there must be at least 10 interested members, a Leadership Group of at least 3 members, and approval by the PACFA Board.
For further information, please contact contact the CEO via admin@pacfa.org.au.

Clinical Hypnotherapy Interest Group

In July, the PACFA Board approved PACFA’s first Interest Group. The Clinical Hypnotherapy Interest Group has now been launched and we look forward to bringing you news of events being run by the group in the coming months.

Hypnotherapy has a long history as one of the diverse modalities that make up PACFA but in recent years, the number of hypnotherapists in PACFA has dwindled. The Clinical Hypnotherapy Interest Group is aiming to build up the numbers of Hypnotherapists within PACFA again, and to strengthen support for Hypnotherapy and its advancement as a counselling modality in Australia.

Interest has already been expressed in developing the Clinical Hypnotherapy Interest Group into a PACFA College of Hypnotherapy over time.

To express interest in participating in the Clinical Hypnotherapy Interest Group, please email your name and contact details to admin@pacfa.org.au.

Proposed new Interest Groups

Expressions of Interest are called for the following proposed Interest Groups:

  • Interest Group on Working with Children &Young People
  • Trauma-informed practice Interest Group
  • Clinical Supervision Interest Group
 To express interest in participating in any of these proposed Interest Groups, please email your name and contact details to admin@pacfa.org.au.