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Canberra and Region Leadership Group

Elizabeth Yuile (Convenor) has had a deep interest in the development and promotion of the profession of counselling over the past 20 years. She served for several years on the CAPACAR committee including three years as president. She has both lectured and convened the Post-Graduate Counselling program at the University of Canberra. Elizabeth is now working in private practice as a counsellor and supervisor and has previous experience in community organisations. Her clinical focus has been loss and grief and she has recently completed a PhD in the area of meaning making and younger onset dementia.

Dr Kirstin Robertson-Gillam is passionate about empowering people to achieve their potential. She has a private practice specializing in communication disorders and issues of trauma, dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, general and EAP counselling. She developed her unique psychotherapeutic approach using imagery and visualisation, mindfulness meditation, visual arts, music making and singing from her own research. Her unique speciality is vocal improvisation psychotherapy. Kirstin completed a psychology major in her BA  at the University of New England. She then studied a Master of Counselling at Western Sydney University followed by research in a Masters degree which focused on reducing depression in severe dementia with choir therapy and reminiscence programs. Her PhD is focused on reducing depression in mid-later life with a community choir therapy program. Kirstin regularly runs workshops on her unique psychotherapeutic approach using combined vocal improvisation and mandala drawing for deeper communication, along with mindfulness, archetypal symbolism, myths, story-telling, imagery, visualization, spiritual, creative and cognitive techniques. 

Frances Killaly works at a counsellor and group facilitator for Dementia Australia in the ACT. She works with people living with dementia and their carers,  and with couples and families.

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