Member photos now available in Find a Therapist

Practising members can now display a photo on their Therapist Profiles. This is a great new feature that we have launched in order to improve the PACFA ‘Find a Therapist’ search engine for members.

If you have already uploaded a profile photo to your iMIS profile, this is now visible when people search for you via the Find a Therapist search engine.

If you would like to upload a photo, or to update your Therapist Profile, all of the instructions are contained in the iMIS user guides.

Reminder about contact details in iMIS

Practising members are reminded to please add your practice addresses to your Therapist Profile to ensure that you are displaying correctly within the Find a Therapist search engine.

We are also missing mobile phone numbers for many members so please take the time to update your mobile number in both your personal profile and your Therapist Profile. If there is ever a problem with your email address, we need another way to contact you to make sure you continue to receive important member communications.

Password Issues

If you are having difficulties updating your password in iMIS please make sure you include a number in your password to ensure that the password is accepted.  We apologise that there is no advice to include a number on the reset password page, or a prompt to include a number when your password is not accepted.  We have brought this oversight to the attention of the iMIS developers and hopefully this will be addressed soon.