Medibank and ahm offering new benefits for counselling

Medibank and ahm have announced new benefits for counselling which will be available on a wide range of their Extras products from 15 October 2020. 

Medibank members whose Extras products include “Mental health support” can claim a benefit for counselling consultations with a Medibank recognised Provider, that have occurred on or after 15 October, up to their annual limit.

ahm members whose Extras products include “Psychology and Counselling” can claim a benefit for Counselling consultations with an ahm recognised Provider, that has occurred on or after 15 October, up to their annual limit.

This is a significant change that will be of great benefit to clients who need support with their mental health. A very large number of Medibank and ahm Extras products now include cover for counselling, making counselling much more accessible and affordable for clients.

For details of the Extras products that will cover counselling, see the FAQs at the PACFA website.

How to become a recognised Provider

PACFA Members and Registrants who are already providers for Medibank will continue to be Medibank recognised Providers.  

PACFA will be writing to Members and Registrants who are already Medibank recognised Providers in the coming weeks to advise them that they can now also be ahm recognised Providers.

New applications from eligible PACFA Members and Registrants to become recognised Providers for Medibank and ahm are now open. All new applicants must meet the eligibility criteria so please check that you are eligible before applying using the Online Application Form.

Eligibility criteria – Medibank and ahm

Counsellors and psychotherapists with current PACFA membership or registration can apply for registration with Medibank and ahm as a recognised Counselling provider if they meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Providers must have completed an (AQF level 7) Bachelor’s Degree or an (AQF level 9) Master’s Degree in Counselling/Psychotherapy or have been assessed as having completed an equivalent overseas Bachelor or Masters’ qualification; and must also have a minimum of 750 hours of supervised client contact.
  • Providers must hold current Professional Indemnity Insurance of $1,000,000 minimum, per claim.
  • The professional indemnity insurance policy must cover each practice location and each modality.
  • The provider must also be in possession of a current First Aid Certificate.

For more information on the new Medibank and ahm arrangements, including the item numbers and invoicing requirements, please see the FAQs at the PACFA website.