LGBTQI+ Interest Group

The LGBTQI+ Interest Group aims to raise awareness and advocate for LGBTQI+ issues within PACFA and to promote good practice when working with LGBTQI+ clients. This includes developing practice resources and professional development opportunities around working with LGBTQI+ clients.

In 2018, the Leadership Group of the LGBTQI+ Interest Group reviewed PACFA’s Position Statement on Therapeutic Support for LGBTQI+ clients and their families. This important document ensures safe practice by explicitly prohibiting the practice of so-called conversion therapies which have been found to be harmful to LGBTQI+ clients.

In January 2020, a new Leadership Group formed, to bring new ideas and energy to the Interest Group. All Leadership Group members bring expertise and experience of LGBTQI+ issues. 

In July 2020, the Leadership Group recently made a brief policy submission to the National Mental Health Commission (NMHC), raising concerns over the treatment of LGBTQI+ people with lived experience in the National Mental Health and Wellbeing Pandemic Response Plan 2020. Read the full submission here

LGBTQI+ Leadership Group Members

  • Dr Gávi Ansara (Convenor)
  • Trish Thompson
  • Don Secomb
  • Jade Wren Pearson
  • Carolyn Rogers
  • Puja Menon 
  • Francis Voon
  • Dr Kieran O’Loughlin
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