Leadership Group and Committee news 

PACFA is delighted to announce our latest Branch Leadership Group and to welcome the latest members of our Leadership Groups and Committees.

PACFA’s new Queensland Branch – to be called PACFA QLD – will be officially launched on 1 July 2020 with the transfer of members of the Queensland Counsellors Association to PACFA. The new Branch is already up and running with a number of professional development events planned from July onwards. 

A new Leadership Group for PACFA QLD has been formed. Welcome and thank you to the new Leadership Group.  

PACFA Queensland 

  • Maree Armansin (Convenor)  
  • Glaucia Barbosa 
  • Florence Ee  
  • Brett Jones  
  • Roger Vallance 

PACFA also welcomes 10 new volunteers who have joined other Branch Leadership Groups and Committees.  

Canberra & Region Branch 

  • Karen Stewart  
  • Kieran Vaughan 


  • Tracy Dickens  

Victorian Branch 

  • Dr Gavi Ansara  
  • Arti Mayan  
  • Francesca Palazzolo 
  • Leila Wheib 
  • Darren Riggon 

Ethics Committee 

  • Chris Simon 

Education Program Accreditation Committee 

  • Biliana Dearly 

Thank you to all PACFA volunteers for the contribution you make to PACFA’s mission.