Joining PACFA is now easier

The Board has decided that where an Applicant for PACFA membership or registration has graduated from a program that is accredited by PACFA, there is no need to provide evidence of the supervised client hours completed during your training.

All that is required is a certified copy of the qualification for a PACFA-accredited program, or a letter from the institution confirming completion of the accredited program, and a certified copy of your complete academic transcript.

For a list of the programs that are accredited by PACFA, see the PACFA website.

It is a requirement of PACFA accreditation that all training programs include a minimum of 40 hours of supervised client contact and a minimum of 10 hours of supervision. There are only minimum amounts of supervised practice. Many programs in fact require a higher number of supervised client contact hours to be completed during training.

For some applicants, the requirement to submit evidence of supervised client contact has caused delays with their applications when they do not have ready access to evidence of their supervised client hours.

How to apply

To apply for PACFA membership or registration, you will need to register for the Counselling & Psychotherapy Portal.

You can then apply using the online form PACFA Application – Practitioners and Educators.

If you graduated from a PACFA-accredited program and you are applying for Provisional membership or registration, there is no need to upload evidence of supervised client hours completed during training.

If you did not complete a PACFA-accredited program, the RPL application process applies and evidence of supervised client hours completed during training is still required.

For applications for Clinical membership or registration, evidence of completion of 750 client hours and 75 supervision hours since qualifying will still be required.