Interim Code of Ethics approved

PACFA has completed a preliminary review of its Code of Ethics and the updated Code has now been approved as the Interim Code of Ethics 2015 and is effective immediately. The document is shorter and easier to read with separate sections on “principles” and “ethical practice standards”. The Code also clearly specifies the matters on which complaints can be brought. All PACFA Registrants should familiarise themselves with the updated PACFA Code of Ethics. The Code will also apply to all individual PACFA members who join or transfer to PACFA membership under PACFA’s new structure.

PACFA’s Professional Conduct Procedures have also been updated. Where someone makes a complaint to PACFA about a PACFA Registrant, the updated Professional Conduct Procedures 2015 will apply.

A further review of both documents is still to take place to ensure they meet current standards for best practice. External consultants have now been appointed for this review and work will commence work on the review early in 2016.