Instructions for PACFA renewals 2019

PACFA membership renewals will open on 31 May this year.

Registered PACFA members and Registrants belonging to Member Associations will be sent an email with a link to complete their renewal online at the Counselling and Psychotherapy Portal. The due date for renewals is 30 June but PACFA gives members until 31 July to complete their renewals.

Provisional and Clinical Members should refer to the PACFA Renewal Requirements to ensure they have met the requirements before completing your online renewal. It is mandatory to complete the online Logs with completed supervision and professional development hours.

This will be the last time we will do membership renewals on the current Member Portal as we are in the process of implementing a new membership system. We had hoped the new system would be ready to launch in time for renewals but the launch dates now seems likely to be in October 2019.

The new system is called iMIS and it will be a powerful tool for PACFA to understand our members and their engagement with PACFA in order to improve our communications, professional development and member benefits. Joining and renewing at the Member Portal will be a quicker and simpler process, and the new website will be easier to navigate. It will be a seamless experience to move between the Member Portal, where you can manage your membership, and the PACFA website, which will include member-only resources.

Watch PACFA eNews for more announcements about the new PACFA Member Portal.