Guidelines for Advertising Therapeutic Services

PACFA has developed Guidelines for advertising counselling and psychotherapy services which provide important guidance for Practitioners who are advertising their services. The guidelines are aimed at ensuring that all advertising of therapeutic services is both ethical and legal.

Download the Guidelines for advertising counselling and psychotherapy services

The Guidelines:

  • provide guidance on the obligations of Practitioners who are advertising counselling or psychotherapy services
  • describe advertising that is prohibited by PACFA or by the law
  • explain that Practitioners have responsibilities under legislation that impact of their advertising
  • explain the consequences of breaching these Guidelines.

The Guidelines apply to all PACFA Practitioners. “Practitioners” is defined in the Code of Ethics as Members of PACFA and PACFA Registrants who practise as psychotherapists or counsellors or who work in related fields including supervisors, educators, trainers and researchers in counselling and psychotherapy, and student members who see clients in the context of their training.

All Practitioners advertising counselling or psychotherapy services must comply with the PACFA Guidelines and also comply with:

  • provisions in the PACFA Code of Ethics that are relevant to advertising
  • provisions in any Government Code of Conduct, in force where the Practitioner practises, that are relevant to advertising
  • any applicable legislation, such as the Australian Consumer Law
  • any other Guidelines or Ethical Codes that may apply to Practitioners with other professional roles e.g. psychologists, social workers, nurses, doctors etc. The Guidelines are not intended to take away any additional obligations that apply to Practitioners under other applicable Guidelines or Ethical Codes.


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