Flexible CPD and Supervision arrangements during the COVID-19 pandemic

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, PACFA is supporting practising members to meet the membership renewal requirements by putting in place flexible options for CPD and supervision.

We understand that some members are already facing financial hardship, illness, self-isolation or increased family responsibilities, all of which may impact on your ability to complete the required CPD and supervision.

Members are reminded that you can already complete 100% of your CPD and supervision using online technology. During the pandemic, PACFA is putting on more online CPD that is low-cost or free to help members to meet the CPD requirements.

We are also increasing the allowance for Category B CPD from 5 hours to 10 hours. There is a very large amount of non-facilitated online learning (webinars) available from a range of CPD providers and reading is also a very accessible option.  If you undertake reading for your category B CPD, simply complete the Reflective Journal and this will be accepted as evidence that your learning has been effective.

If you have not been able to undertake supervision due to a significant drop in the number of clients you see, PACFA will allow a lower amount of supervision, on a case by case basis, proportional to the decrease in your client numbers. Supervision continues to be very important for safe and ethical practice so members are encouraged to seek out group supervision, which is a cost-effective option. PACFA is currently looking at ways to initiate low-cost group supervision for our members.

In addition, there will be a grace period of 6 months up until 31/12/2020 to complete CPD and supervision for the year ending 31/6/20. This will enable members to undertake your preferred CPD later in the year if you were planning to attend events that have been postponed, or to delay your supervision if required.

The grace period will be reviewed and extended if the COVID-19 pandemic has a longer-term impact on the capacity of members to undertake CPD and supervision. 

Please contact PACFA membership team on register@pacfa.org.au if you are have any difficulties meeting the PACFA renewal requirements. We will endeavour to support you with your individual needs during the pandemic.

Download Flexible CPD and Supervision requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic



Supervision Requirements 

  • 10 hours per year
  • 15 hours if your client load is more than 400 client hours per year
  • A grace period of 6 months will be allowed to complete the supervision requirements by 31/12/20
  •  A reduced amount of supervision will be accepted on a case by case basis for members facing financial hardship due to a significant drop in the clients they see

CPD Requirement

  • 20 hours of CPD
  • Members are encouraged to complete their CPD using the range of low-cost and free online CPD opportunities offered by PACFA. These events make CPD more accessible for members who are facing financial hardship.
  •  An increase in the Category B CPD from 5 hours to 10 hours will be allowed 
  • A grace period of 6 months will be allowed to complete the CPD requirements by 31/12/20

Category A – MANDATORY:  Minimum annual requirement – 10 hours

– Participation in online facilitated learning
– Attendance at person-to-person courses, workshops, seminars and conferences (suspended during the pandemic)

Category B – OPTIONAL:  Maximum annual allowance – 10 hours

– Participation in online peer learning groups
– Imparting knowledge relating to counselling and psychotherapy through formal presentations, teaching, research and publications
– Participation in supervision above the annual renewal requirement
– Participation in online non-facilitated learning
– Reading and taking notes on psychotherapy and counselling journals and books (to be logged in a reflective journal)