Final proposal for PACFA restructure

PACFA has released the final proposal for a new PACFA structure. The PACFA Council will vote on the proposal at the Annual General Meeting taking place in Melbourne on 10 October.

Download the PACFA Restructure for Consultation August 2015.

The current PACFA structure has served us well for 20 years, helping us to unify as a profession, but we have now outgrown this structure. The proposal to restructure PACFA has been prompted by the need to have a structure that is more efficient and cost-effective. There is duplication of many functions undertaken by PACFA and Members Associations, such as governance, membership management and finances. Some Member Associations face challenges running their associations and with insufficient volunteers to operate, some are considering closure. PACFA also needs a more secure financial base to ensure we can fulfil PACFA’s mission. The proposed new structure will enable us to grow and increase our financial and human resources in order to better represent the profession.

Under the proposed new structure, PACFA will have individual members as well as continuing to have Member Associations. It is proposed that existing Member Associations will be able to choose whether to stay as Member Associations or to become part of PACFA structurally. Where a Member Association chooses to become part of PACFA structurally, the MA’s members will be offered individual membership of PACFA. Individual PACFA membership will include PACFA registration for all practising members, including interns.

It is proposed that individual members will have membership of a local PACFA Branch and the option to join one or more PACFA Colleges (if they meet the membership requirements of the Colleges).  PACFA Branches will provide a regional presence of PACFA made up of individual members of PACFA in that geographic area.  PACFA Colleges will provide a focus for members of the College, who come from particular psychotherapy or counselling modalities or who share other professional interests, to collaborate and advance members’ interests.
Feedback on the restructure proposal is sought. To provide feedback, please contact the PACFA CEO, maria.brett@pacfa.org.au