Farewell Prof Denis O’Hara

Farewell Professor Denis O’Hara and thank you so much

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At the Council meeting on Sunday 14 April we farewelled Professor Denis O’Hara.

Denis has been our Professional Standards Committee (PSC) Chair since 2015, having been introduced to the idea of working on a PACFA Committee by Andrew Little. Denis’ outstanding achievement as PSC Chair is the Training Standards 2018 document. Denis and his Committee worked hard on that document, in association with the PACFA Board, and Denis presented Training Standards 2018 to last year’s April Council. It was accepted by Council.

Denis was going to step down as Chair after that substantial piece of work was completed but he stayed on to contribute to the Psychotherapy Working Party as PSC Chair, and became a member of the PACFA Board in October 2018 when it was moved that all Chairs of Committees be members of the Board.

I acknowledge Denis’ huge contribution and big work for PACFA – his commitment to our profession, counselling and psychotherapy. Thank you Denis, so much.

We’ll miss you for your wisdom, academic rigour, your enthusiasm for making a difference to counselling and psychotherapy in Australia and our recognition; we’ll miss your good company and your sense of humour. We’ll miss you Denis.

Very best wishes Denis from us all.

We had hoped that PACFA Vice President, Dr Zoë Krupka, would be able to step into the role of Professional Standards Chair after Denis O’Hara’s departure. Unfortunately, Zoë is not in a position to take up this role so the Board is currently planning the appointment of a new Committee Chair. An announcement will be made as soon at the appointment is finalised.