Working with Trauma: integrating neuroscience and mindful yoga into therapy

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9:30 am - 4:30 pm
Centre for Existential Practice

Learn body-based techniques that can be incorporated into therapeutic work with clients who have experienced trauma

Facilitator: Sal Flynn

Since the expansion of neuroscience into psychotherapeutic fields, there has been a growing understanding that trauma is imprinted on the whole person. As a consequence, somatic approaches to recovery are increasingly acknowledged as vital components of treatment.

Mindfulness-based Yoga is an ancient system that was specifically created to address human suffering in our most immediate and accessible environment: the body. When practised regularly, it can help rebuild connections with both the insula and pre-frontal cortex, re-establishing or strengthening the mind-body connection. Increasingly regarded as a useful and readily accessible adjunct to the treatment of PTSD, it helps survivors regain a sense of comfort and ease in their world.

This workshop will examine and teach a variety of body-based techniques that can be incorporated into work with clients whose bodies have been frozen or numbed by their experiences.

What you will walk away with:

  • knowledge of how neuroscience has contributed to the psychotherapeutic understanding of how trauma is imprinted on the whole person
  • an understanding of how working with the body supports the client who is recovering from trauma, helping him/her regain their sense of ownership of their body
  • ways to help clients develop the capacity for non-verbal processing of repressed feelings that are often impossible to ‘language’
  • learning of and the capacity to teach a number of somatic techniques that can be practised in the therapy room
  • capacity to design and individualise a program of simple body practices that will address triggers, challenges and physical limitations

Sal Flynn’s clinical practice blends the disciplines of psychotherapy, education, contemplative and mind/body awareness practices. Underpinning her work is nearly 30 years of practice and study in the mindfulness traditions and Sal trains and mentors meditators & yoga teachers. She is a group therapist, a faculty member of the Jansen Newman Institute and has a private  psychotherapy practice. Sal’s contributions to CEP’s annual program are in mind/body events that complement existential practice.

Cost: $390/$320 Early Bird (EB payments by 2 November)

This event counts as 6 hours of category A CPD for PACFA’s membership renewal requirements

For full details regarding the event please go to the website.