Working with Gender-Diverse and Sexually-Diverse Clients – What Every Clinician Should Know

Constructs such as heterosexism, cisgenderism, internalisation and the coming out crisis underpin the lived experience of people of diverse genders or sexualities. It can be a trap to assume that members of these communities understand these concepts and the impact they have on their lives. Sometimes it can be a non-identifying clinician who will unlock doors to insight and deeper understanding for LGBTIQ+ clients. This session will shine a light on some key themes and concepts that we must understand if we are to be truly effective in working with the lived experience of LGBTIQ+ clients.

Presenter: Chris Pye

Chris Pye has worked as an Actor, a Youth Worker, an Applied Theatre Practitioner, a Clinical Supervisor and a Manager of Diversity and Inclusion. He holds a Diploma of Higher Education in Community and Youth Work, a B.A (Hons) in Community & Informal Education and a Master’s Degree in Counselling. Chris began working for Relationships Australia Qld (RAQ) in 2007, and was responsible for the conception and coordination of the Rainbow Program, a suite of services and supports for LGBTIQ+ clients and community. He currently works in the role of Manager – Diversity and Inclusion. Chris lives in Brisbane with his husband, two children and a Greyhound called Senja. His extra-curricular interests and activities include trail-running, music-making and social-justice activism.

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6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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