Working towards inclusion with the LGBTIQ Community

1 Day Workshop

Presenter: Michelle Sanders

Are you confused with the ever-growing acronym that belongs to the LGBTIQ+ community? Would you like to know and understand each of those letters and what types of people fit within these diverse parts of society?

You may or may not know someone who identifies as part of this community. According to the research, many people don™t yet feel safe enough to bring their whole self to the workplace and to the different services that they need. And many still experience some type of discrimination.

Organisations are enthusiastic to improve their quality of care and service provision in order to include and provide for their LGBTIQ+ clients, consumers, staff and volunteers. Society is at a real crossroads in that LGBTIQ+ visibility is growing. Awareness is the key hence the need for basic knowledge building around members of the LGBTIQ+ people and their communities and their specific needs.

Workshop Overview

It has become essential to understanding the diversity of the Australian community, the workforce and the clients we may encounter, and how to best support them. Moving beyond tolerance, beyond acceptance, and towards inclusion. This is appreciation and valuing difference.

This one-day useful workshop is a practical and interactive awareness training for working with members of the LGBTIQ+ community. It will also provide participants with ideas towards the best inclusion practices in the workplace and the provision of services to people with diverse genders and sexualities.

Aim: Understanding some of the unique issues facing this population of our community and learning how to best support and meet their needs.

About the Presenter:

Michelle is a Life and Recovery Coach, and has been an adult educator, workshop trainer and facilitator for 15 years.
As an educator, for the past few years she has been a teaching Interpersonal skills, Conflict Management, Time management, Vocational and Academic Skills. She has taught at TAFE and Community Colleges as well as at the University level. She has also run her own workshops and delivered them as a part of the Northern Rivers Social Development Council’s training initiative for community organisations.

As a life coach, Michelle has ample experience with coaching others and bringing out their best. She prides herself on having the ability to connect with people from all walks of life.

Michelle is passionate about communication skills and helping people face conflict with open curiosity. She has a knack for assisting people expand their perspectives in order to develop their own intrapersonal awareness and interpersonal skills.

Learning outcomes:
Articulate each of the elements of the LGBTIQA+ acronym
Differentiate and understand terminology between gender identity, sexual orientation and intersex status
Develop the skills to build open and inclusive rapport with members of this community
Identify common stereotypes of LGBTIQ+ people and understand the harm it can have on their wellbeing
Identify the ways members of this part of the community are marginalised and the impact it may have on their overall wellbeing
Propose strategies for developing equity and cultural inclusivity in the workplace and the provision of services
Understand the difference between tolerance, acceptance and inclusion
Working towards Inclusion is a one-day LGBTIQ+ awareness workshop that offers practical ideas for developing confidence and awareness for working with diversity specifically in relation to gender, sexuality or intersex members of the community.

Workshop includes information sharing, open discussion, interactive activities and a take-home pack Lunch, Morning and Afternoon tea included.

This event counts as 6 hours of category A CPD for PACFA’s membership renewal requirements

For full details regarding the event please go to the website.

10:00 am - 5:00 pm

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