The Inner Workings of EFT: A Workshop and Demonstration with Wine & Cheese

Facilitated by Elana Katz –

Certified EFT Therapist, Supervisor, and Trainer from New York’s Ackerman Institute

Join Certified EFT Therapist, Supervisor and Trainer Elana Katz for an illuminating evening on the inner workings of the EFT process. We’ll begin with a short video clip in the life of a distressed couple and then role-play an initial session with these clients. As Elana interviews the couple the moderator will periodically stop the process, inviting both therapist and clients to speak candidly about what is going on internally at that point in the session. In this way, you’ll get a clear and insightful window into what is occurring for each of them as the session unfolds.

This event is designed to be accessible to both new and more experienced EFTers. The program includes wine and cheese and an opportunity to meet with your MCEFT colleagues. Please join us!

About Elana Katz

Elana is a senior faculty member at the Ackerman Institute for the Family, where she teaches innovative courses in Emotionally Focused Therapy, supervises in the Advanced Family Therapy Training Program, and directs the Family and Divorce Mediation Program. One of the first therapists in New York to become certified in Emotionally Focused Therapy, she also coordinates the annual externship in EFT in New York City. Previously a member of the faculty at the Yale School of Medicine, Ms. Katz has published a number of articles and has been active in numerous professional organizations. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of both the New York Association of Collaborative Professionals and the New York Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy. She has been a member of the American Family Therapy Academy for more than twenty years, and has presented nationally and internationally at annual meetings of the American Family Therapy Academy, the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, the Psychotherapy Networker, the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, and at the Third International Summit in EFT. Ms. Katz currently maintains a private practice in New York City

This event counts as 2 hours of Category A CPD for PACFA’s membership renewal requirements

For full details regarding this event including pricing please visit the MCEFT website

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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