Supervision as Reflective Practice

The concept of supervision as reflective practice cuts through the divisions of modality-driven models

Facilitators: Dr Alison Strasser & Adam McLean

There are many definitions of supervision and numerous modality-driven models. The concept of supervision as reflective practice cuts through these divisions and gives momentum to the idea that supervision can be cross-theoretical and inter-relational.

Reflective practice, as it relates to supervision, is a concept that encompasses the ability of the supervisor and supervisee to ponder and reflect generally on their practice as well as the capacity to bring in a critical perspective to their work. Johns describes critical reflection as “a window through which the practitioner can view and focus self within the context of his/her own lived experience in ways that enable him/her to confront, understand and work towards resolving the contradictions within his/her practice between what is desirable and actual practice” (Johns 2000:34). Reflection includes the ponderings on the theoretical underpinnings of practice and personal theories and assumptions about life and the world. It also encompasses reflections on self-in-relation-to-other – the other being the supervisor, supervisee, client and/or the professional and political context in which the supervision is taking place.

In this workshop we will dissect the concept of reflective practice, starting with the supervisor’s personal worldview and how it influences the supervisory relationship. Later, we will shift our focus on to how the supervisor can share this kind of reflective insight with supervisees, so that their work with clients can parallel the idea of reflection-in-action to result in reflection-on-action.

Alison Strasser DProf (Psychotherapy & Counselling), MA, BA Hons
Alison is a practising psychotherapist, coach and supervisor. She is also an educator with a passion for imparting how existential themes can be integrated into every therapeutic approach. She was instrumental in creating the existential curriculum for many counselling and psychotherapy trainings in Australia and her doctorate focused on the process of supervision, work that led to a framework for supervisor training, now a major component of CEP’s annual program.

Adam McLean M Counselling, Grad Dip Psych/Couns, BCHC, BN
Adam is a clinical psychotherapist, supervisor, educator and trainer with over 30 years experience and a continuing interest in the human capacity for opening up to the possibilities in life. He is recognised as a leading group therapist and supervisor and provides training in both areas. In addition to leading groups, Adam has developed a group leadership training program that is underpinned by Yalom’s process approach.

Cost: $390/$320 Early Bird (EB payments by Fri 1 November 2019)

CPD Hours: 
This event counts as 6 hours of category A CPD for PACFA’s membership renewal requirements

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9:30 am - 4:30 pm

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