Sociable Self Care Workshop

Presented by Fiona Baillie

Self Care is a concept that is often raised with an air of consideration among the therapeutic community . A key notion of the concept is that therapeutic caring work embodies giving and that anyone working with others and giving to them needs to be mindful of their own needs.  It is suggested that that identifying and caring for others may lead to depletion and burn out if practitioners are not careful of their own need for care.

Self care is often presented as an individual’s responsibility. The responsibility for, and of, one’s own self. This perspective is consistent with the idea that we are maturing self-realising beings that have grown from a dependent state to an independent way of being. It suggests that we are self-reflective and aware of what is going on in us, that we know what we need, and that we can give it to ourselves. This is one way of thinking about caring for ourselves but what if it is not enough? 

What if we are not totally independent beings. What if we are not totally dependent either. What if we know some of what is going on some of the time, and we know something of what we need and how to get sometimes. If were to hold this perspective how then will we care for ourselves? Perhaps we would see ourselves as part of something that intrinsically connects us with others and work together with others to get a better result, for them and us. We could call this Sociable Self Care.

In this short workshop we will explore this idea of Sociable Self Care. We will play around with some ways of caring for ourselves in a social and communal environment and context. We will learn more about what we need and how best to look after ourselves, whilst considering others also. We will appreciate more about the intrinsic nature of our being part of the whole. And we will have some fun.

If you entertain the idea that you just might be important, in some small or more not so small way; or if you recognise that you are very important in some rather inconsequential way; or if you are just a little intrigued by any of these ideas; or if you just want to have some wine and cheese with some colleagues and friends, come and join us. You will be made very welcome.


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5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

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