Resolve Client Self-Sabotage -1st Steps of TRTP

Presenter: Judith Richards

ONLINE via zoom – Please note the time-zone is ADST

This workshop is a rich, intensive learning experience -for mental health and health professionals who are ‘ focused on achieving the most positive outcomes with their clients.

You will discover:

  • How to quickly change negative subconscious core beliefs to the positive – in minutes.
  • It is these SCBs, (subconscious core beliefs), which keep patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour ‘locked in’. – change these SCBs and self-sabotage ceases
  • How to radically improve client outcomes – no matter the modality
  • How to uncover secondary benefits before you begin
  • The 1st steps of TRTP

The Richards Trauma Process resolves trauma related issues – quickly, safely and effectively, generally in 3 sessions. These trauma-related issues include PTSD, anxiety, depression etc.

The TRTP practitioner training consists of an initial intensive 8 week program, followed by 3 months of hands-on, very close support in your clinical work, using TRTP with clients.

Attending The Richards Trauma Process training program will fully equip you with all the skills and expertise which you require in order to achieve very significant outcomes.

The Richards Trauma Process program is best suited for use by experienced mental health practitioners with mature, genuine intent to support their clients.

Certificate: Participants are required to complete an online assessment with an 80% pass rate. This assessment must be completed within one month of the online date.

This event counts as 3 hours of category A CPD for PACFA’s membership renewal requirements

To book a place for the event please go to the website.

10:00 am - 1:00 pm

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