Playful Therapy for Children and Young People

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9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Centre for Theology & Ministry

Facilitator: Kim Billington

About the Workshop
This one day workshop is designed for those in child counselling and mental health services who want to ‘hear the voice of the child’. Learn how to therapeutically and playfully engage with young clients for assessment, intervention and outcome evaluation.

Practice creative child counselling interventions, imaginative play-based engagement and assessment tools that have been used effectively by the presenter for over 12 years in managing family violence, significant losses and trauma. Inspired by Narrative Therapy’s playfulness and inventiveness, this workshop will help you gain skills in responding to
problems and in collaborative identity restoration.

This workshop will assist you to develop simple, respectful ways to establish boundaries, explain confidentiality and assess risk. It will incorporate a range of engaging, imaginative activities to invite connection, foster enjoyable participation and help a child both explore their current problems, and reveal and name their resourcefulness, strengths, hopes and values.
You will have the opportunity to:
• Develop your curiosity and openness to a child’s presentation
• Foster playful conversations about serious problems and resolutions
• Learn to help a children talk about and be re-energised by new ways of relating to their feelings, values, hopes and intentions
• Explore practical ways to help children externalise their challenges
• Learn how to not get stuck in a mire of problem stories
• Consider relevant theory on child development, therapeutic approaches, responding to risk and trauma and practitioners’ self-care

Cost: $330 (inc GST, all materials, lunch, m/a tea)
$300 (Early bird paid 2 months prior)
$230 (Student price)
$200 (Student early bird paid 2 months prior)

This event counts as 6 hours of category A CPD for PACFA’s membership renewal requirements

For full details regarding the event please go to the website.