Philosophy of the Implicit: Experiencing the Creation of Meaning

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Facilitator: Dr Greg Walkerden

A Philosophy of the Implicit
Eugene Gendlin is one of few philosophers who take processes that play central roles in psychotherapy as central motivations for his philosophical work. The roots of his philosophy of the implicit are his experience of learning English as a second language as a child, and his experiences of moving between intellectual communities: both situations in which felt understanding finds new expression. His ‘philosophy of the implicit’ emerged from appreciating how widely these kinds of processes are relied on.  His Focusing practice and Focusing Oriented Psychotherapy (FOT) have their roots in noticing how central these fine resolution processes are to psychotherapeutic experiences that clients find helpful.

Although basic to living, implicit knowing is often overlooked precisely because it is implicit. If we’re not aware of it, and we can’t say it in words, then it doesn’t seem like real knowledge. It is how the unit model (a mathematical way of thinking) came to dominate the way humans think about the world. This has meant that the most important aspects of human existence — values, purpose in life, love, spirituality, even living itself — were too vague and “subjective” for precise thinking. 

The philosophy that Eugene Gendlin was already formulating in the mid 1950’s suggest that consciousness is a continuous process of conceptualising implicit understanding. He designed a new way of thinking, new concepts and a new model. He showed that concepts have a structure that is derived from implying, that there is an orderly but more-than-logical relationship between concepts and the implicit and that, when one engages experiential, embodied background and logic, surprising new thinking becomes available.

Workshop Overview
This 1-day workshop is designed to help you enter into the multiple realms of Gendlin’s ‘Philosophy of the Implicit’, which can only be satisfactorily understood experientially.  Its tasks are to:

  • convey how we experience meaning
  • show us ways in which we can enrich the family of microprocesses we rely on
  • delve into how being embodied beings can involve such a rich grasp of our circumstances that novel reframes and shifts in form of life are possible

Dr Greg Walkerden has been a Focusing practitioner for 35 years, is a Certified Focusing Trainer and has taught felt sense-based decision making at Macquarie University for about 15 years. At Eugene Gendlin’s invitation, Greg taught the Philosophy of the Implicit at Gendlin’s ‘Thinking at the Edge’ retreats in New York in 2000, 2001 and 2002.


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CPD Hours: 
This event counts as 6 hours of category A CPD for PACFA’s membership renewal requirements

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9:30 am - 4:30 pm

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