Online Postgraduate Training in Clinical Hypnosis

Available nationally

Presenter: Dr Barry J. Evans

Learn the theory and practice of clinical hypnosis at your own convenience and pace from home or office, using a unique combination of fully online modules, structured Homework Exercises in Clinical Hypnosis and expert supervision. You begin writing trance induction scripts for your clients immediately and get feedback on these prior to and after using them.

For health and mental health professionals registered with AHPRA or ARCP. Available Australia-wide – ideal for rural and regional practitioners.

Total base hours (watching online materials and Homework Exercises) = 120 hours
Additional Skype sessions (voluntary) add 12 hours
If scripts are used with clients add 30 hours*

*We recommend that scripts be used with real clients ONLY if this does not interfere with the therapeutic relationship

The course provides facilitated learning. Students must complete a series of structured Homework Exercises which are assessed by HTA specialists. These Exercises are hurdle assignments that must be successfully completed to enable students to move to the next part of the sequence.

For a full syllabus contact Dr Barry Evans Hypnosis Training Australia 0407 864 724 or email info@hypnosistrainingaustralia.org

Full details of the Exercises and final assessment are at: www.hypnosistrainingaustralia.org

* Number of Hours learning is approximately 150 hours. ONLY 20 hours is required for category A CPD for PACFA ’s renewal membership renewal requirements for 2019-2020.

22/10/2019 - 22/04/2020
12:00 am

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