Online CPD Seminars

Facilitator: Dr Paul Gibney

Well known Psychotherapist and Family Therapist Dr Paul Gibney provides a deep exploration of therapeutic practices in his new online offering “The Psychotherapy Workshop”. He presents an “ecology of ideas” that provides a reflective practice forum for psychotherapy and counselling practitioners. Rigorous and comprehensive seminars are presented, with pre and post seminar opportunities for practitioner reflections. The concepts examined and outlined have the capacity to strengthen, to deepen and to broaden your practice.

What is unique in The Psychotherapy Workshop?

  • The Psychotherapy Workshop is designed for practitioners who are keen to, and who are committed to, increasing their knowledge about psychotherapy and to increasing their practical capacities.

  • It is designed, through the processes of Reflective, Conceptual and Active Learning, to strengthen your practice.

  • It deals with Everyday Practice and Putting Therapy to Work (two key concepts in this Ecology of Ideas). It is based on the experiences of actually providing therapy to a large variety of clients with many varied presentations. It is not about protocols developed in pristine settings in which practitioners see carefully selected clients.

  • Thus, the theory and practice presented is designed for and informed by Everyday Practice. Traditional models of practice and concepts within those models are respected and made practical and applicable to the context in which the practitioner operates.

  • We will outline and discuss The Other Skill Set that every successful practitioner needs, but typically develops by her or him self through trial and error. The aim will be to make that process more efficient and effective.

  • We can all but guarantee that, on this website, you will see and hear psychotherapy conceptualised and discussed in ways that you have not seen or heard before (and we appreciate that that is an outrageous claim!). The promise of that claim though, is by comparing and contrasting this material with your own understandings you shall increase the depth of your perceptions and practices.

Dr Paul Gibney is a psychotherapist and family therapist in private practice in Brisbane and has been in full-time private practice since 1988. His doctoral thesis (1993) focused on the theoretical relationship between psychoanalysis, systemic therapy, time in therapy, and the matter of context.


This event counts as 6 hours of category B CPD for PACFA’s membership renewal requirements

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04/06/2020 - 13/06/2021
12:00 am - 11:59 pm

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