Online counselling: Building effective cyber relationships

Many counsellors are launching their practice into cyberspace. This online workshop explores some of the benefits and possible dangers of counselling clients in the online world. The online format is designed to introduce participants to the type of experience an online counselling relationship can promote.

This workshop is designed to initiate discussion and thought about the processes that are present in the online interaction. The difference between synchronous and non-synchronous interaction will be highlighted as well as the benefits and disadvantages of each. Much of the emphasis will be on how to counsel using text only and examine how such interactions can supplement face-to-face counselling as well as providing a useful and alternative counselling mode for some clients.  

This workshop is not designed to demonstrate how to do a video counselling session nor is the presentation designed to instruct ‘how to set up an online counselling practice’. It is an opportunity to appreciate the principles and processes that occur in online communication as well as some of the theories that need to be considered in establishing an online service.

Presenter: Dr Kevin Glasheen 

Kevin has been in the field of counselling for nearly thirty years after an earlier career as a primary school teacher and principal. For most of his time in schools he was a Guidance Counsellor working with young people and their parents in secondary schools.

After completing his Masters in Social Science (Counselling), and during his time working in schools, Kevin was keen to make counselling more available to young people reticent to seek help. He explored and introduced online counselling within the school and completed a PhD which researched the possibility and benefits of using online counselling in educational facilities. 

In recent years Kevin has taught Masters students at QUT in the area of school guidance and counselling and remains a keen advocate for using today’s technology with today’s generation.

For PACFA Registrants, the course counts as 2 hours of Category A CPD (Continuing Professional Development).

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6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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