Oceanic Movement & Fascia: Growing the Fluid Nervous System

Facilitated by Christine Cole (USA), RSMT, the founder and director of Somatic Body Training Program. Christine is an expert in the embodiment of human development.

On the leading edge of research about somatic movement education and therapy, she displays a radical trust in embodied experience as the primary way for groups to co-create knowledge

Friday: ‘Introduction to the Fluid Nervous System’

Regaining the origins of our movement cycles throughout the time in the womb, underwater. will be the focus of this weekend workshop. Motion in water, this buoyant state, where the outside pressure matches our inside space, precedes our experience of gravity. Even our nervous system is still floating in the cranial-sacral fluid in our body.

Saturday: ‘Growing the fluid nervous system’

Millions of decisions are made before we have a nervous system: the motor of our embryonic development is based on pressure differentials, flow, and cellular intelligence which unlocks the genetic tide of our becoming. Regaining the origins of our movement cycles throughout the time in the womb, underwater. will be the focus of this weekend workshop…

Sunday: ‘Fascia, Ligaments, and Tensegrity’

How we interweave our movement and identity between the inner and outer world or How we interweave our identity between the inner and outer world. Our somatic understanding of fascia is a gateway to understanding self and space. Not only can we discover aliveness in our tensegrity, our inner guiding strength, we can also learn how to connect into the web of community…

About Christine Cole

As a result of 30 years of engaging deeply in learning and teaching the somatic body practices of Body-Mind Centering®, dance/movement, and bodywork, Christine clearly embodies the material she has evolved and models a deep understanding of how the body’s systems change in various developmental stages.

A teacher of Body-Mind Centering®, and Practitioner of Integrative Acupressure and Infinity Healing, she has taught at the School for Body-Mind Centering® in Amherst and Amsterdam, Holland, and runs her own trainings in Boston, Vermont, Montreal and Northampton, MA.

She also maintains a private practice in Developmental Bodywork in downtown Northampton, MA. In addition, Christine has long term practices in Contact Improvisation, Post-Modern and Improvisational Dance, Authentic movement, Improvisational Theater, writing and vocal training.

As an experienced master teacher, Christine creates safe spaces to explore personal material illuminates developmental states through her own embodiment through movement authentically connects each student into the learning process practices somatic therapy with unabashed directness, compassion, and presence.

$655 for all three days of tuition (Earlybird and DTAA members)

$690 for all three days of tuition (Registrations after 15 January 2019)

Friday only $150

Saturday only $300

Sunday only $300

This includes lunch on Saturday and Sunday and tea/coffee/snacks throughout the weekend.

This full event counts as 15 hours of category A CPD for PACFA’s membership renewal requirements

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22/02/2019 - 24/02/2019
4:00 pm

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