Narrative Therapy: A Therapist’s Narrative

Presenter: Dr Carol du Plessis

Narrative Therapy is a counselling approach that places people’s stories at the forefront of healing and growth and allows individuals to develop new and empowering narratives for their own lives. Facilitating the emergence of new narratives is a powerful therapeutic endeavour and has a profound impact on both client and counsellor. In co-crafting new client narratives a new narrative also emerges for the therapist, as mutual story telling allows for the exploration of new possibilities and experiences.

In this presentation, Carol will explore some of the basic tenants of narrative therapy through the sharing of case studies and growth narratives. In addition, she will share her own narrative of working from within a narrative therapy framework and the way in which this has shaped her identity as a clinician. Through so doing, Carol hopes to demonstrate that narrative therapy is not just a transformative journey for the client but can also be used by the therapist to promote their own growth and development.

Presenter: Carol du Plessis is an academic and clinical psychologist based in Brisbane, Queensland. She lectures counselling at the University of Southern Queensland, where she is currently also the acting Counselling Discipline Coordinator.

Her areas of teaching interest are counselling skills and humanistic psychology. Her areas of research interest centre on qualitative case study research, with a special interest in narrative work. She has a background in literature and history, which have drawn her towards narrative forms of therapy and expression.

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5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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