Introduction to Trauma-informed Counselling (online or face-to-face)

A professional development unit for counsellors & other allied health professionals*

Presenter: Dr Debbie Collaros


The long-term and adverse effects of trauma on the development of self and subsequent psychological functioning are recognised as significant contributors to clinical presentations in counselling settings. For example, a childhood history of exposure to traumatic events, abuse and/or neglect, being a repeated first responder to critical incidents, and service persons’ exposure to combat are among experiences with potential to significantly disrupt normal functioning and, in some instances, development. Consequently, it is important that counsellors are able to identify factors and contexts implicated in the formation of trauma symptomology and its varied clinical manifestations, including by:

• understanding the neurobiology of trauma and being cognisant of recent research developments in this area;
• recognising trauma as a contributor to, or the cause of disrupted functioning and multiple mental health conditions;
• becoming familiar with the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (5th ed.) (DSM-5) diagnostic categories which help differentiate trauma symptomology;
• understanding the effects of trauma in its various presentations among different clinical groups;
• exploring a variety of trauma-focused treatment protocols (with established clinical efficacy) currently
indicated in trauma care; and
• appreciating the role of the therapeutic alliance in the trauma recovery process.

Attendees will also be challenged to consider ways to ameliorate adverse effects associated with vicarious traumatisation and burnout, a risk faced by those who regularly provide trauma-informed counselling. They will be introduced to self-care strategies known to facilitate coping among those working with traumatised clients.

Delivery Mode: online or face-to-face

Unit Period: Friday 23 & 30 October, 6, 13, 20, 27 November; & 4 December
Cost: $1000
Final Payment Date: 16 October 2020
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This event counts as 5.5 hours of category A CPD for PACFA’s membership renewal requirements

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23/10/2020 - 04/12/2020
1:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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