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Introduction to Grief Counselling

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1:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Excelsia College

A 35 hour, 7 week professional development unit for counsellors & other allied health professionals*

Presenter: Susan Stephenson 

Counselling offers a means by which individuals can seek support and education about their grief, over time learning how to integrate their loss and find meaning and purpose in the resolution and integration of their experience of loss. Thus it is important that all counsellors have a clear understanding and appreciation of the place and experience of bereavement, loss, grief and mourning in the lives of their clients.

Sue is a Counselling Psychologist with over 30 years’ experience as a Clinician, Trainer and Supervisor, currently teaching in the School of Counselling at Exclesia College
and managing her private practice “Inner Wisdom Psychology”. Her extensive knowledge and skills in psychotherapy encompass Emotionally Focused, Psychodynamic, Sandplay,
Art and Psychodrama therapies and she is currently exploring the application of yoga techniques into her work with anxiety, depression and trauma.

In this workshop students will:

  1. be introduced to historical models and contemporary perspectives of bereavement, loss, grief and mourning;
  2. become familiar with the types and contexts of loss;
  3. develop an understanding of the processes of grief and mourning, including learning to differentiate between types of grief, and to recognise associated mental health implications, especially in relation to unresolved and complicated grief;
  4. learn about dying and the processes surrounding human death, including palliative and end-stage care and planning;
  5. be introduced to the various assessment approaches and treatment protocols recommended for working with different groups experiencing loss;
  6. examine the concepts of resolution, integration and meaning-making in the context of loss, including post-loss transformation and growth; and
  7. reflect upon their own loss history and accompanying narrative, exploring their own journeys of meaning-making in response to significant loss and change in their personal and family lives.

At the conclusion of the unit students will be equipped to work thoughtfully and empathetically with clients’ experiences of bereavement, loss, grief and mourning, including appropriate consideration of clients’ cultural and spiritual heritages.

* Attendees will join Counselling students completing this unit as part of their degree training. Part of Session 1 will address degree student assessment requirements

On successful completion of this PD workshop attendees should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of historical models of and contemporary perspectives on bereavement, loss and grief, including their relevant application to specific clinical cases.
  • Recognise different types and contexts of loss and associated symptom expressions, including the distinctives of specific loss experiences.
  • Assess symptoms of grief utilising relevant assessment tools, recognising risk factors for poor grief resolution, and able to distinguish between uncomplicated and complicated grief.
  • Identify and appropriately select interventions, tools and techniques for fostering the resolution of grief and the integration of loss, including the construction of meaning in the context of significant change.
  • Connect with their own journey of loss and its accompanying narrative, including identifying and articulating areas requiring further growth and resolution so as to more effectively recognise counsellor countertransference

Unit Period: 2018 – Block 2B, 12 October – 23 November
Cost: $500
Final Payment Date: October 12, 2018
Final Withdrawal Date Without Financial Penalty: October 13, 2018

This event counts as 20 hours of category A CPD for PACFA’s membership renewal requirements

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