Introduction to counselling Children and Young People

A 35 hour, 7 week professional development unit for counsellors & other allied health professionals*

Presenter: Melanie Crizer  

Counselling children and young people is an area of specialisation for counsellors, entailing its own unique challenges (eg. negotiating a range of legal and ethical constraints and regulations which must be adhered to) and rewards. Counsellors of children and young people are required to work appropriately and effectively with key stakeholders involved in the care of their clients, such as the child’s or young person’s family system, schools, and other healthcare and educational professionals. Concurrently, counsellors need to conceptualise and assess their clients’ experiences and presentations from within developmental, psycho-social and attachment frameworks. Finally, counsellors need to maintain an awareness and understanding of paediatric psychopathology and developmental variation, whether due to illness, disability, adverse environmental settings, and/or trauma (eg. damaging relational dynamics which disrupt the development of a coherent sense of self). This unit introduces attendees to the theoretical knowledge and clinical skills associated with counselling children and young people, including a range of individual, family, creative and group therapies, learning how to appropriately select from among these therapies so as to optimise intervention strategies applied to individual clients. The unit is situated within a broader socioecological approach to counselling children and young people, emphasising the importance of social and cultural contexts central to client health and well-being (eg. family, educational and community systems, etc.), and addressing how working with these systems is crucial for welfare, functioning and/or recovery of the individual child or young person. Utilising a strengths-based approach, the unit focuses on key issues such as developmental crises, disability, trauma, emotional and behavioural problems, and environmental issues; examining how these conditions and circumstances may adversely affect clients’ physical, psychological, social, and spiritual well-being and their educational attainments. Concurrently, the unit offers a mental health focus emphasising prevention, early intervention and crisis management of identified at-risk populations of children and young people.

Unit Period: Friday 6, 13, 20, 27 March & 3, 17, 24 April

Cost: $500

This event counts as 35 hours however only 20 hours of category A CPD is required for PACFA’s membership renewal requirements

Details and bookings can be viewed on the website.

06/03/2020 - 24/04/2020
1:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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