Getting Creative with Trauma – Art and Intergenerational Healing

Facilitator: Carla van Laar

Through art based experiences we can have an expanded sense of connection with others across time in ways that could be described as transpersonal. These experiences are bigger than our own lived stories, and make us feel as though our own stories are part of a bigger story, the story of a collective that includes us. This collective story has a history that we are (in part) conscious of, a present that we are part of, and a future that we are helping to create.

• Art based responses to grief, loss and trauma
• Intergenerational relationships
• Multi-dimensional perspectives
• Creating a new relationship with the past and healing the future.

In this workshop we experientially inquire into how continuity co-exists with change: linking moments in time; connecting and healing past, present and future; passing meanings from our ancestors to us to our descendants; weaving through memories, experiences and imagination; moving through journeys of growing, unfolding and becoming; fertilising, seeding, germinating and blossoming; shaping, forming and crafting our relationships; and spinning threads that contain messages and legacies connecting our histories and our dreams in a shared web of meaning.

This event counts as 5.5 hours of category A CPD for PACFA’s membership renewal requirements.

For full details regarding the event please visit the website.

10:00 am - 4:30 pm

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