Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis

Available nationally March – November 2019. Combination of online study and Face-to-Face Training Days

Presenters: Dr Barry J. Evans and Dr Diane McGreal

The Clinical Hypnosis Course consists of five face-to-face training days, plus online Training Modules; homework exercises completed between training days; a (voluntary) Follow-Up Day and assessments leading to the award of the Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis.

The Society’s Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis consists of fully integrated online and Face-to-Face [F2F] training components that together give you the theoretical knowledge and practical skills that will enable you to effectively utilise clinical hypnosis in your professional setting. You will learn all you need to know about hypnosis and trance, to enable you to hypnotise; de-hypnotise; become familiar with the phenomena of trance; contraindications to the use of hypnosis; learn to assess hypnotic capacity; how to utilise hypnosis with CBT; and script-writing for anxiety disorders treatment in trance and hypnosis techniques useful in the treatment of the full range of disorders you encounter in your clinical setting.

This innovative course is an interesting and effective way to discover how to use clinical hypnosis with your clients. You complete each online component within a scheduled structure, coupled with homework exercises and face-to-face training days with other students and supervisors. There are set topics for presentation on each F2F Day, but they are also structured to enable you to focus on the specialist applications in your clinical setting. You are not lectured to about clinical hypnosis, but learn specific techniques for trance utilisation with your clients.

* Number of Hours learning is  approximately 120 hours, comprising online Training Modules; face-to-face supervision; homework exercises; and follow-up presentation. ONLY 20 hours is required for category A CPD for PACFA ’s renewal membership renewal requirements for 2018-2019 and 20 hours for 2019 – 2020.

Face-to-Face Days by State
VIC 23-Mar 4-May 15-Jun 10-Aug 12-Oct 16-Nov
NSW 6-Apr 25-May 3-Aug 7-Sep 26-Oct 16-Nov
ACT 23-Mar 25-May 20-Jul 14-Sep 19-Oct 16-Nov
QLD 30-Mar 18-May 22-Jun 17-Aug 19-Oct 23-Nov
WA 27-Apr 1-Jun 27-Jul 14-Sep 2-Nov 16-Nov

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23/03/2019 - 23/11/2019
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

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