Counselling with Therapeutic Cards Workshops

Join our workshop to learn how to use creative psychological tools in your work with adults, children, adolescents, groups and relationships.

Our cards are unique colourful metaphoric cards that have developed especially for therapeutic work to help stimulate creativity, imagination and to increase communication between the therapist and clients individual sessions, family therapy or group settings.

Why using creative methods in counselling room?

When clients are referred (or self-referred) for therapy, they typically feel anxious and are reluctant to talk directly about their feelings or thoughts. It can be with children or adults. Sometimes the issue is so painful, they cannot find the right words or description. However, activities that are creative and play-based can engage the clients for safely express themselves.

Workshop audience:  

Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Social Workers, Psychodramatists, Therapists, Mental Health Professionals, Counsellors & Kinesiologists.


  • Become familiar with new resources that can enrich the therapeutic experience.

  • Experiment with decks of projective cards as ways of facilitating both the therapist’s work and the clients’ therapeutic process.

  • Discover the power of images as a means of expression and processing of emotional issues.

  • Explore different ways of working with groups and adults on issues such as relationships, grief, stress, trauma and much more.

By using the cards:

  • Clients can increase their awareness and understand of life events, behavioural patterns and the influence of the past on the present.

  • Clients may discover new things about themselves.

  • Provide a tool for warm ups and conflict resolution in many areas, including personal and interpersonal relationships, family communication and much more.

  • For individual empowerment and personal development across all age groups and backgrounds.

 Training methods will include:

  • Experiential presentation of methods

  • Large group discussions

  • Small group discussions

  • Practical experience with the cards

  • Reflection opportunities for application of methods

To maintain high-quality delivery and personal relationship at our workshops, each workshop

limited to 20 people. Registration is essential.

* This event counts up to 13 hours of category A CPD for PACFA ’s renewal membership requirements.

For further information about this event please see here


27/05/2019 - 28/05/2019
9:30 am - 4:30 pm

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