Counselling Online Essentials: how to safely and ethically deliver counselling – Online Interactive Webinar

Facilitator: Fiona Griffith

With the event of COVID 19 there is a necessity, and urgency, to train up on HOW to deliver counselling in digital mode. This 2-hour online training will not replace the longer, more intensive and in-depth training being run by PACFA. However, it will give you a start with what you need to be conscious of when transitioning to online delivery.

This online CPD session will guide you in transitioning from face to face therapy to delivering therapy online in a safe and ethical manner. From the equipment you need through to understanding the differences in working in the online environment and the changes needed in your contracting.

In attending this online workshop, you will find out:

What equipment you need to start
How the online environment different from face to face counselling
How working online impacts the therapeutic relationship
If you will use digital modes other than video link
What the ethical considerations are
How to you assess for the ‘online suitability’ of the client
If your counselling contract is going to be different to your face to face contract
These masterclasses will only have up to 10 participants which will give each of you time to explore the above considerations as a group and ask the questions you need to ask.

Session Fee AUD$80.00

This event counts as 2 hours of category A CPD for PACFA’s membership renewal requirements.

To REGISTER interest email: counselling@fgriffith.id.au or phone 0414 985 934

To Book for the event please go to the booking website

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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