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Core Competencies of Relational Psychoanalysis

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9:30 am - 5:00 pm


Towards an understanding of core competencies in relational psychotherapy
A one-day workshop

Presenter: Elana Leigh

Emerging from a shift away from the prescriptive model of classical psychoanalysis where theory informed practice, the so-called relational turn has led relational psychoanalysis and psychotherapy to dominate the field with an approach in which practice itself and the relationship take centre stage.

For some, this shift has been experienced as vague, non-prescriptive and open to various interpretations and despite the growth of practitioners identifying as ‘relational’ questions remain about what the practice actually entails:

•    How should it be taught?
•    How is it practiced?
•    What are the core competencies?
•    Can competencies even be articulated when working with the inter-subjective?

Despite the prolific body of relational literature little has been written on techniques and competencies and it could be argued that these concepts are antithetical to the relational approach. While this might or might not be true, the theory-practice gap has created confusion.

This one- day workshop will encourage debate and exploration about the possibilities and limitations of core competencies in relational psychotherapy/psychoanalysis and reference the work of Barsness et al, 2018* whose research has attempted to bridge this theory-practice gap by identifying seven areas of relational therapeutic competencies. We will do this by engaging in didactic teaching, discussion and the use of clinical material.

This event counts as 5 hours of category A CPD for PACFA’s membership renewal requirements

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