Catalysts for transformation: Diversity, inequality, dialogue &…..?

12th GANZ Community Gathering/Hui

Are you interested in participating in a novel professional development experience to explore challenging ideas using creative processes in a diverse community of practitioners on the shores of Sydney Harbour?


We invite you to join us at the 12th gathering of the GANZ community.

The pursuit of understanding, allowing and living our differences in a spirit of genuine dialogue is a challenge for our times.

Our world is saturated with devaluing isms, undermining phobias and multiple associated acts of discrimination. And yet across the globe we are witnessing an increasing number of transformative acts by ordinary people emboldened to challenge widespread prejudices and abuses of power.

From the consulting room to the broader world there are growing calls for humanity to transform the personal, interpersonal and socio-political dimensions of our relating, and in the process for us all to become more compassionate human beings

The conversation space created at our gathering will be an opportunity to inquire into these fascinating issues and their timely challenges.

This event is earlier, shorter and differently structured to our usual past conferences and will be offered at a lower cost to encourage access, equity and participation.

Find out more about the conversation themes, participatory processes, stimulating program and accommodation options on the newly created website

Early Bird:
GANZ Member: $345 (incl. GST)
Non-Member $395 (incl. GST)
Student $2350 (incl. GST)

This event counts as 18 hours of category A CPD for PACFA’s membership renewal requirements

For full details regarding the event please go to the website:  www.ganzgathering.com.au

03/05/2019 - 05/05/2019
9.00 am - 5.00 pm

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