Bringing Cyberspace into the Therapeutic Space: Topic 1 – Engaging with Cyberspace

Time to update! Online life is here to stay and a big part of everyday life

Facilitator: Fiona Griffith

Many of our client’s lives now have a digital place and space: Cyberspace. By setting aside our client’s online lives, we discount a large part of what is relevant to them, which contributes to their relationships and the opportunity to make use of their digital connections as a resource.

It is essential that counselling include cyberspace as a working element. Without this acknowledgement, we miss a large part of what now influences most of our clients’ lives.

The digital revolution has bought with it many brilliant advances in communication and easy access to knowledge. No need to get training, just look up how to do it up on Youtube!

We need to support our young clients in navigating this new horizon with awareness, resilience and confidence: knowing when to unplug and when to plug-in.

Distinguishing between IRL (in real life) and Cyberlife (where anonymity can lead to very different behaviour).

Come to this workshop and explore ways to invite our client’s cyber life into the counselling space.

· What if you could help your young clients use their smart phone as a support?
· Help your adolescent clients to explore and strengthen who they are at core.
· What is self interruption and why is it a problem?
· How do they use Cybertrust and Cybersincerity?
· What are Cyber-Egostates?

This interactive and practical workshop is presented by Fiona Griffith, Clinical Counsellor and PACFA accredited Supervisor. It is for professionals working with young people – or probably anyone who is younger than you..or me?

This event counts as 2 hours of category A CPD for PACFA’s membership renewal requirements.

To REGISTER interest email: counselling@fgriffith.id.au or phone 0414 985 934

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10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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