Becoming (more) Fully Human

Presenter: Dr. Ruth Lawson-McConnell

The glory of God in humans fully alive, said the old saint Irenaeus of Lyon. Shalom or flourishing is another way of understanding being fully alive. From a psychological, developmental perspective, we all grow older, but we don’t all grow up. In this seminar we will explore, from a Christian perspective, what it means to be fully alive, fully flourishing in each developmental life stage. Once we understand what leads to flourishing (or in psychological terms, the conditions for maximal emotional and psychological maturation) we can then gain some insights about what might be missing when we witness non-flourishing, stagnation or developmental stuckness, in our own or our client’s stories. The journey of Christian faith is a journey towards becoming fully human – not an escape from our humanity. Since we are made in the image of the Trinitarian God who is Father, Son and Spirit, bound together in relationship, our humanity is inherently relational. We therefore cannot understand our humanity and our Christian formation without understanding the significance, function and importance of relationships. Another way of talking about this reality is through the lens of attachment theory.

This seminar is for: Counsellors/Psychologists with a Christian worldview who want to integrate theology and psychological insights, Pastoral Counsellors, Chaplains, Clergy and anyone in the helping profession who is seeking understanding about psychological maturation/stuckness and how this integrates with a Christian view of personhood and flourishing.

This day seminar will:
• Bring together Trinitarian theology and an attachment based developmental understanding of human flourishing,
• Provide participants with an integrated view of human development and spiritual, emotional and psychological maturity
• Offer a framework for reflecting on our understanding of God, Christian formation, the function of community, the significance of relationships, the influence of parents and impediments to personal growth

Time: 9:00 (registration) starts at 9:30 ends at 4:00

This event counts as 6 hours of category A CPD for PACFA’s membership renewal requirements.

For full details regarding the event please go to the website.

9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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