Counsellors and Psychotherapists sought for research studies

PACFA supports the development of the evidence base for counselling and psychotherapy by promoting requests for participants for research studies. PACFA Members and other counsellors and psychotherapists are encouraged to participate in these research studies.

Research on therapists’ personal and professional experience of climate change
Jules Silva and Dr Zoë Krupka from the Cairnmillar Institute seek participants for a research study on the therapists’ experience of climate change. The research study has received Ethics Approval, Cairnmillar Institute HREC: approval code 2019/1420-15. This qualitative research project is titled: Therapists’ experience of climate change: a dialectic between personal and professional. It is being conducted in order to better understand the processes and meanings for therapists in their personal experience of climate change, as well as their experience working with clients that present with existential anxieties that may be associated with climate change. 

To participate, you will need to be an experienced therapist aged between 35 and 60 years. Participation will involve semi-structured interviews of up to 75 minutes via Zoom or in person. To express interest and request a copy of the Plain Language Information Statement, contact Jules Silva at 1420-15@cairnmillar.edu.au or text 0407 661 994 up until 30/8/2019.

Research on perspectives of mental health professionals on consumer representatives
Jody McPhee and Dr Brett Scholz from the Australian National University are seeking participants for a research study on consumer representatives. The research study has received Ethics Approval, ANU HREC – protocol number 2019/280.  The study, which is titled Perspectives of Mental Health Professionals on Consumer Representatives, is being conducted in order to understand mental health professionals’ varying experiences and perspectives on working with consumer representatives.

To participate, you will need to be a mental health professional actively involved in mental health service provision, and not working at a consumer led organisation.  Participation will involve interviews for no more than 50 minutes via skype or in person (location dependent). The closing date for recruiting participants is 25th August 2019.  For further information contact the researchers: Jody McPhee u5822287@anu.edu.au or Dr Brett Scholz brett.scholz@anu.edu.au.

Research on therapists’ perceptions of client outcomes and the therapeutic alliance in online counselling
Joshua Kubler (student researcher) and Helen Wilson (chief investigator) from the University of Southern Queensland are seeking online counsellors to participate in a study titled Therapists’ Perceptions of Client Outcomes and Therapeutic Alliance in Online Counselling,” (Ethical Approval S/19/1301). The research is a phenomenological study that aims to explore the perceptions of counsellors who are working online to determine what their experiences are of establishing a therapeutic alliance online. 

Participants will take part in a 45 minute semi-structured Zoom interview exploring experiences of using online modalities. Participants should hold current membership with PACFA and have experience counselling in face-to-face environments and online. The final date for recruitment is the 14 September 2019. Contact Joshua Kubler at jrk009@student.usc.edu.au or Helen Wilson at hwilson@usc.edu.au to express your interest in participating in an interview.