Consensus Guidelines for Working with Recovered Memory

PACFA has published guidelines for practitioners for working with recovered memory together with an accompanying Literature Review.

The Consensus Guidelines for Working with Recovered Memory, now available at the PACFA website, provide information and guidance to PACFA members, and members of Member Associations, when working with clients who recover or have recovered memories of historical traumatic events. The intention of the Guidelines is to inform clinical practice, thereby providing safeguards for clients and therapists.

Whilst much of the literature into recovered memory has specifically examined childhood sexual abuse, the Consensus Guidelines are relevant for all situations where recovered memory is a focus of clinical practice.

The first draft of the Consensus Guidelines was developed for PACFA by Professor Margot Schofield and Dr Jon Kettle in 2005. The current version of the Consensus Guidelines has been written by Ms Ann McDonald.

Practitioners are encouraged to review the Consensus Guidelines as they provide important information on working with recovered memory should this issue come up in clinical practice.

The Consensus Guidelines are accompanied by a new literature review, written by Ann McDonald, which provides an overview of the contentious debates in the literature about recovered memory and therapy. The paper, titled Occasional Paper on Recovered Memory of Childhood Sexual Abuse: An overview of research evidence and guidelines, is available for download at the PACFA website.

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