Conference 2019

Conference Theme

The conference theme was Working with Trauma. 

Stream 1: Emerging Research and Practice

This stream will include papers on emerging research and workshops on therapeutic techniques and models. Research may include qualitative and quantitative papers, mixed research, and case studies. General research and practice issues relating to trauma and recovery will also be presented, including but not limited to the impact of trauma on development, relationships, and mental health, as well as post-traumatic growth.

Stream 2: Perspectives from Therapists, Clients and Others

This stream will incorporate perspectives on trauma from therapists, clients and others involved in working with clients experiencing trauma. Included in this stream will be issues relating to interdisciplinary perspectives, vicarious trauma, therapist self-care, and managing related difficulties in private practice. Clients may also share their individual experiences of therapy and recovery from trauma.

Stream 3: Working with Specific Populations

This stream will address therapeutic issues, including research and workshops, that are relevant for specific populations. Indigenous experiences of trauma and recovery will be addressed, as well as inter-generational trauma and multicultural issues. Specific populations addressed may include, but are not limited to, children, adolescents, adult survivors of trauma, and veterans, as well as victims of crime, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and natural disasters.

To read about the conference, go to The 2019 conference features:

  • A 2-day conference with:
    • 2 Keynote speakers
    • 8 Invited speakers including 2 consumer and carer speakers
    • Other Selected Speakers 
    • Interactive workshops
  • 2 pre-conference workshops to choose from
  • A networking and canape social event
  • A conference dinner

Conference Proceedings

For practitioners interested in the proceedings from the very successful Conference which took place from 23-24 February 2019, some of the speaker presentations below are ready for download. 

** Please note: Due to privacy issues some presentations are not available

Dr Gávi Ansara  Kink-Affirmative Trauma Therapy: Supporting People in BDSM/Kink Relationships & Communities
Dr Justine Campbell 
Vicarious Trauma in Emergency Services Staff working with Offenders
Jessie Chung 
Reconnecting : Working with families after disclosures of sibling sexual abuse
Biliana Dearly
Restoring the Wholeness of Being
Kylie Ellison The Power of Play to Heal: Play Therapy with Children
Dr Graham Gee
Working Therapeutically with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in the Area of Healing and Recovery from Trauma
Vicki Halik
Intergenerational Effects of the Holocaust: The Role of Sound in the Recovery Process 
Ravi Iyer  
The Interface Between Trauma & Gambling: New Research
Mehak Khandeparkar
Drumming: A powerful intervention aiding creative self-expression & social connectedness 
Sophie Lea
Supportive Spaces: Designing the therapy room for adolescents experiencing trauma
Narelle L McKenzie
Keeping the Body in Mind – A Radix Somatic Psychotherapy Approach to Working with Trauma
Dr Elizabeth Riley
Trans Adolescents Trauma Bullies, Blades & Barricades
Radhika Santhanam-Martin Post-trauma Reconstruction With Refugee Families: Is There A Role Of Institutions?
Rena Shein
Art therapy within an Indigenous Community Navigating a path between
Miriam Taylor The Context of Trauma
Dr Kitty Vivekananda
Lessons about Trauma Informed Care for People with complex needs

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