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Complain about PACFA or a MA

PACFA Members, Registrants Member Associations and individuals using PACFA services have the right to make a complaint if they are not happy with the services they receive.

PACFA’s Complaints and Feedback Policy ensures that complaints are responded to fairly and within a reasonable time frame. If you wish to make a complaint, please follow the complaints process set out in the Policy.

Complaints will be dealt with using principle of natural justice. Any person complained against has the right to know the nature of the complaint and to make a response to the complaint. Parties to the complaint will be kept informed of the process. The focus of the complaints management process will be to prevent the situation which caused the complaint from recurring in the future and to provide an apology to the complainant in the case of a substantiated complaint. Making a formal complaint will not prevent the complainant from accessing PACFA services at any time.

PACFA’s Complaints and Feedback Policy also offers stakeholders and members of the public the opportunity to provide feedback on the services provided by PACFA. We value this feedback and aim to manage complaints in a timely, fair, consistent and transparent way.

Complaints may be made under this policy against PACFA, PACFA employees, PACFA Board, Leadership Groups and Committees or PACFA Member Associations (in limited circumstances).

Download PACFA Complaints and Feedback Policy.