College of Educators launches new membership pathway

The Australian College of Counselling and Psychotherapy Educators (ACCAPE) has launched a new pathway for College membership.

Under the new pathway, leaders and researchers in the counselling and psychotherapy education field, who have undertaken a different type of training from the PACFA Training Standards, will be eligible for Academic membership of PACFA and of the College.

This new membership pathway has been introduced to encourage leaders in counselling and psychotherapy education, and researchers in counselling and psychotherapy, to be part of the College. PACFA considers it very important that leaders and researchers have the opportunity to participate in and contribute to the work of the College.

Below are the details of the new membership pathway as detailed in the ACCAPE Membership Requirements:

1 (b) For leaders of counselling and/or psychotherapy programs, or researchers in counselling or psychotherapy who do not meet criterion 1a – provide evidence of a relevant qualification at Masters level or higher and demonstrate relevant, continuing contribution to counselling  and/or psychotherapy education.**

**Members of ACCAPE who enter via training pathway 1(b) are non-voting members of PACFA.  They and eligible to nominate for the Leadership Group of ACCAPE but not for the PACFA Board.

ACCAPE aims to develop counselling and psychotherapy education in Australia by:

  • Building a vibrant community of educators within the counselling and psychotherapy education field
  • Sponsoring and fostering research
  • Providing continuing professional development
  • Providing opportunities for networking and peer support

For information on how to join ACCAPE, go to the PACFA Portal.

Download the ACCAPE Membership Requirements.