Changes to PACFA’s Supervision Training Standards and Accredited Supervisor requirements

PACFA is very pleased to announce our Supervision Training Standards and the requirements to become a PACFA Accredited Supervisor have been updated.

Effective from 23 September, supervision training no longer has to be 50% “in person”. Training may now be 100% via synchronous online learning. For details, download the PACFA Supervision Training Standards 2020.

As supervision trainees are already experienced practitioners, online synchronous learning is considered an appropriate form of supervision training. While this change has been introduced as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is a permanent change to the Supervision Training Standards.

Under the updated Register Requirements for Accredited Supervisors, graduates of supervision training are now immediately eligible to become PACFA Accredited Supervisors.  Applicants must still meet the eligibility requirement of 5 years’ practice experience including 3 years as a PACFA Clinical Registrant (or equivalent membership of a comparable Professional Association).

PACFA no longer requires post-qualifying supervision practice hours to be completed. However, supervision practice is undertaken during the supervision training to prepare graduates for employment or private practice as a supervisor.

This change has been made as a recognition of the skills and suitability of experienced counsellors and psychotherapists, who undertake supervision training, to be accredited by PACFA as Supervisors.

To apply to be an Accredited Supervisor, please download the Application Form.