Changes to PACFA Post-nominals

At the April Council meeting, the PACFA Council decided to change the PACFA post-nominal for PACFA Clinical Registrants.

Only PACFA Registrants can use a PACFA post-nominal as it describes their registration with PACFA. This benefit is not available to other members of PACFA. The post-nominal helps members of the public to recognise that the practitioner is registered with PACFA and is an indicator of the qualifications and level of experience of the practitioner.

Previously, the post-nominal for Clinical Registrants was “PACFA Reg.” whereas Intern and Provisional level Registrants include their level of registration (Intern or Provisional) in the post-nominal.

Council decided that the addition of the word “Clinical” to the post-nominal gave fuller recognition to the experience and seniority of practitioners who have achieved the clinical level of registration with PACFA.

The PACFA post-nominals are summarised below. All PACFA Registrants should use the correct post-nominal. Non-Registrants are not permitted to use any post-nominal in relation to their PACFA membership.

«First_Name» «Last_Name» PACFA Reg. Clinical
«First_Name» «Last_Name» PACFA Reg. Clinical «number»

«First_Name» «Last_Name» PACFA Reg. Provisional
«First_Name» «Last_Name» PACFA Reg. Provisional «number»

«First_Name» «Last_Name» PACFA Reg. Intern
«First_Name» «Last_Name» PACFA Reg. Intern «number»

In future, PACFA Registrants should ensure that they use the correct PACFA post-nominal to describe your PACFA registration in any marketing materials, correspondence, on-line marketing and other communications.

The use of the post-nominal in on-line marketing should be changed as soon as possible. Printed marketing materials such as business cards, letterhead or brochures do not have to be changed immediately but should be changed to include the new post-nominal when the materials are re-printed.