Changes to PACFA Affiliate membership category

The PACFA Council has reviewed and updated PACFA’s Affiliate membership category. Details of the updated Affiliate membership category are available at the Affiliate membership page.

Previously Affiliate membership was defined as a non-practising membership category. However, as PACFA has no legal basis for restricting who can and cannot practise as a counsellor, Affiliate membership is no longer defined as “non-practising”.

Affiliate membership is seen as a pathway to further training in counselling or psychotherapy that meets the PACFA Training Standards, and a way to include other professionals, who are involved in the counselling and psychotherapy field, in the PACFA community.

Affiliate membership is open to:

  • People whose training does not meet the PACFA Training Standards but who use counselling skills in client support roles
  • People who have undertaken preliminary training in counselling or psychotherapy and who are interested in Affiliate membership as a pathway to further training
  • People who have trained in other disciplines and who do not meet the PACFA Training Standards but who are involved in the counselling and psychotherapy field
  • Retired counsellors or psychotherapists who wish to stay connection with the profession  and to share knowledge and experience accumulated over the course of their careers
  • People with an interest in counselling and psychotherapy

There are some limitations to the Affiliate membership category:

  • Affiliates are not endorsed by PACFA to practice and are not listed on the PACFA Register.
  • Affiliates cannot access PACFA’s preferential rates on insurance as they are not endorsed by PACFA for professional practice.
  • Like all PACFA members, Affiliate members are required to follow the PACFA Code of Ethics and PACFA may hear complaints against them for breaches of the Code. Affiliate Members are advised to be aware of the limits of their training and experience as detailed in clause 4.1.1B of the PACFA Code of Ethics.
  • Affiliates are not permitted to use the PACFA post-nominal or to promote their membership in marketing materials as these benefits are only available to registered practitioners.

Although there are limitations that accompany Affiliate membership of PACFA, it is hoped that the changes to the definition of this membership category will enable and encourage more people to become PACFA Affiliate members.

Applications are made online. Go to PACFA Application – Affiliate Members.  There is an annual membership fee of $190 (inc. GST) which is payable at the time of applying.