Call for Research Participants: Assessing mental health workers’ use of telehealth during and after the COVID‐19 pandemic

PACFA members have been invited to participate in a new research study investigating how COVID-19 has shaped how mental health services are delivered and how mental health professionals have navigated the rapid shift toward telehealth during this time.

This study will recruit a national sample of Australian mental health professionals to complete an initial online survey (15 minutes). Participants will be invited to complete three brief follow-up surveys to assess ongoing use of telehealth. Respondents will also be invited to participate in an optional qualitative follow-up interview to explore their use of telehealth in further depth.

This research will gather data on professionals’ experiences with using telehealth from multiple angles, including how they are using it, their attitudes/knowledge, training and information needs, safety and privacy implications, impacts on clients and therapeutic process, and implications for future use. It is my hope that this practice-based evidence can be used to help health professionals manage transitions like those that have occurred during COVID-19 if they happen again in the future.

The study is currently seeking counsellors, psychologists, social workers, psychotherapists, and other mental health professional to complete a 15-minute anonymous online survey.  The survey asks about your role, your experiences with and attitudes towards telehealth, and how well you think telehealth works within your role. Recruitment commenced on May 18 2020 and will be open for 8 weeks (until 13 July 2020).

To complete the survey, click here 

This research has received Human Ethics approval (ANU Ethics Protocol 2020/249) by the Chair of the Science & Medical DERC, Australian National University. 

If you have any further enquiries, please contact Dr Lou Farrerlead investigator: louise.farrer@anu.edu.au