Are you interested in becoming a supervisor?

For experienced practitioners who are interested in becoming supervisors, PACFA has endorsed a range of suitable supervision training programs.

Go to the PACFA website for the full list of Endorsed Supervision Training Programs.

All endorsed supervision training programs meet the requirements PACFA’s Supervision Training Standards which sets out in detail PACFA’s requirements for Supervisor training. 

For details of PACFA’s supervision training requirements, see the Supervision Training Standards 2018.

Applying to become a PACFA Accredited Supervisor

Once you have completed supervision training, there are also some additional requirements in order to apply to PACFA to be an Accredited Supervisor. In addition to completing suitable training, applicants must complete 50 hours of supervisor practice over a minimum of 2 years and 10 hours of supervision on supervision practice.

There is also a Transition Pathway to become a PACFA Accredited Supervisor which is only available until 30 June 2020. Under the Transition Pathway, it is not a requirement to complete the formal training as professional development on supervision will be accepted instead, along with practice experience in supervision.

Although the Transition Pathway is currently still available, completing training that meets the PACFA Supervision Training Standards is the best way to prepare to become a PACFA Accredited Supervisor.

For information on how to apply to be an Accredited Supervisor, see the Register Requirements for Accredited Supervisors.

Apply to endorse a supervision training program

If you run a supervision training program, you could consider applying for PACFA endorsement of your training. 

Endorsement of the training program by PACFA comes with the following benefits:

  • Use of the PACFA endorsement logo for publicity purposes
  • Listing of the supervision training program at the Endorsed Supervision Training Programs page of the PACFA website
  • Guaranteed eligibility of course graduates to apply to be PACFA Accredited Supervisors

For information on how to apply for endorsement of a supervision training program, see the PACFA website.